We are able to organize more than advertising, cultural and sport events for you. We can fexibly react to your requirements and made it just for you! If necessary, we can participate with other teams and supply action with just segmets. Our team is fully opened and cooperative.
After obtaining the schedule, we usually suggest technical solution and elaborate approximative budgets. It is no problem to work out more financially graged solutions for one task. We have been working as a production team from our establishment.
Composition of our services is following:

  • Setup procedure
    • Visual inspection and selection of right iterior or exterior, documentation inculded
    • administration and co-ordination of all work
    • Budget proposal
    • Dealing with autorithies and treaty reinsurance.
    • Rider creation
  • Complete personal assistance
    • Production team
    • Starring artists
    • Stage hands
    • Tour accountant
    • Hostesses
    • Other staff
  • Technical support
    • Stages, Ground Supports, Special constructions
  • Administrative support
    • Administration negotiation
    • Event accounting
    • Status report event
    • Event documentation
  • Event closing
    • Decoration dismounting
    • Closing documents
    • Back distribution of rented equipment
    • Payment of possible damages or losts
    • Final cleaning

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